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Personal profiles

Do you need a personal profile, summary or professional bio done for you? Maybe you need to update your ‘About Me’ page on your website?  A well-written personal profile is an asset and has multiple uses (webpage, Linked In, biography), as it can be applied wherever you want others to know more about the real you. A profile gives a personalised sense of who you are and what made you, so it more relatable to those who don’t know you well.

Writing about people is one of my favourite tasks. I enjoy uncovering the unique background and complex history that formed the person they are today. A personal profile is more than a career summary, it includes your hobbies and interests, career background and motivations, and even your upbringing and influences (if you like). So why not get another set of eyes on your profile – I can fix it, refresh it or start from scratch!

[300-500-word minimum]

Content and copy

Well-written, succinct, custom-designed words have the ability to enhance your business and online presence. As a freelance writer this is my bread and butter. With so many individuals and their businesses wanting to stand out from the crowd, it’s essential to have quality copy writing expertise at hand. Without it, a business doesn’t stand a chance to stand out from its competitors, to maximise its opportunity to be noticed, attract more clients or to effectively highlight a specialty service.

You can count on well-researched copy from me, with my extensive research background I know how valuable it is to have content backed up by quality information and verifiable sources. I have an eye for detail and can ensure well written and thoroughly edited copy. However, if you already have some ideas or existing copy, I can update, restructure and enhance it for you. Well-written and structured content will only help your business thrive!

I specialise in: science and technology, mental health and wellness, real estate and lifestyle. Let me provide you with some examples and we can start from there.

[per page]


A blog post is an article or news item that is generally informative or educational and typically covers a specific topic. They are a great platform to update your followers on new ideas and techniques, or simply to outline why you love what you do. Blogs are usually industry specific and provide high quality content from a thought leader or expert. Blogs may also be used as a starting point for other business copy, as ideas are crystalised during blog creation.

Blogs can be straightforward copy, but attract much more attention by utilising an interesting image or infographic. Any added media (e.g., static images, reels, interactive charts) that’s included with blog posts, effectively enhance the message.

The key to a good blog post is understanding the audience and readership. I ensure my blogs are written to Search Engine Optimised (SEO) standards so as to attract a wider audience and increase site traffic. The payback you get from blog content includes organic search engine traffic, social media content and promotion, and can even attract fresh untapped readers.

As with content and copy, all my blogs are well-researched and backed up by reference material and articles. I offer a strong attention to detail to all my work, ensuring quality accurate information, and can glean the main points from a range of topic areas. I have experience writing blogs in; scientific and technical, digital and technology, business and leadership, meditation, art-therapy and creativity, and work-life balance.

What I need from you: your audience and 5 to 10 keywords.

[300, 500 or 1,000 words]


I have compiled newsletter templates and can custom design one for you, or use one that’s already fit for purpose. I write the content and compile the information, then make it stunning so you can get that much-needed information out to your network. I will write it in your preferred style and use your chosen formats. Otherwise, I am a creative at heart and can design some template options to suit your business. Let’s work together and create a newsletter your clients want to open and look forward to reading, each and every time!

What I need from you: relevant business details (logo, templates); content outline (copy, notes or dot points) and away we go!

More to come! This is just a start...

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